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About Galao

Product, Interior & Art Directions Studio

Galao Design Studio is a multidisciplinary studio founded in Milan by the designer Giuseppe Galetta, presenting a collection at SaloneSatellite2019 focusing on the themes of interaction and sociability, paying attention to the industrial producibility and the sustainable life cycle of objects.

With this diverse collection of objects, Galao Design Studio intends to demonstrate its flexibility in dedicating itself to projects with different functions and purposes, remaining faithful to their approach, respecting the possibilities and objectives of the producers.

Each object presented during SaloneSatlli2019 during Milan Design week follows the rouge file: interaction – sociality – sustainability.

In particular, Galao design studio works in fields ranging from industrial production to interiors, from art directions to small productions. Research on sustainable life cycles of products and new technologies is the prerogative / must of every project.

Galao is an international firm whose goal is to design and innovate in various ways and fields through sustainability.
Galao is formed by a network of professionals of different disciplines and specificities, who collaborate and research with common goals.

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