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Valentina – Ice cream cones packaging

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Ice cream cones packaging

Ice cream cones packaging



Valentina, an ice cream cone holder.
The design was developed with the directions of Matteo Ragni and Antonio De Marco, during the SPD workshop in partnership with the company Essent’ial.
This work started in a group work with Finbarr Ojabo (Nigeria) and Samik Dana (India).
The goal of project was to improving the ice cream take away experience.
The first approach was to carefully analyze the actual take away experience and we came up with the idea of designing a cone holder using less material as possible; a foldable sheet of paper able to carry more ice cream cones.
The holder is made by a recyclable paper useful for food, which is produced by cutting larger sheets of paper. It could be done by only two machine production process; cutter and a folding print.
The production cost will be at a very low price, which could be sold to ice cream vendors for a price of about 15 cent (or even less) per piece.

The holder is designed in such a way that it could be held by a finger, making it possible for the vendor to serve with both hands.
This will save him both time and money and will defintely guarantee customers satisfaction.
Selling to more clients in less period of time is sure to bring major profit to the ice cream vendor.This holder represents an elegant and stylish way to present ice cream cones showing the different ice cream colors, with the aim of improving sales.
Valentina represents a solution to save wasted materials during the take way experience.
As well it could be reused, with the intention of earning the loyalty of the client.
This could be an interesting and innovative way of offering ice cream to your family andloved ones.