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Wine glasses set

Ode – Wine glasses set

Ode represents a mix from two stronglydifferent cultures, Japanese and Italian.
The wind chime that inspired our design is used in Japan to give a voice to the wind.
For example, during the warm summer the wind chime is able to announce the user,
with a soothing sound, a fresh moment of pleasure, breaking the silence. It is also a
symbol of Goodwill in the Japanese homes.
We decided to use the voice of the wind to create a new way to communicate in the
less silent european moments of sharing a glass of wine.
The users will be able shake the glass to create a sound for example, to toast with
friends from fareway without clinking the two different glasses.
Moreover holding and moving the paper part, the user will be able to create intentional and controlled sounds to communicate personal thoughts creating ones own personal language.
The design and the geometries are created to imitate the idea of typical wine and champagne glasses in the users.
The washble paper will be signed by the wine, when the user is drinking, thus decorating it with stains (every wine has different colours, creating a pattern on the paper) that will allow his glass to be unique, creating a memory of the amount of wine had.